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Published Thursday, March 05, 2015 @ 07:34 PM CET

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10-11 October 2014
Garvagh, Co. Derry/Londonerry, Northern Ireland, UK
“The Pilgrim of Scandinavia”
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The Pilgrim of Scandinavia

The 2014 Event was organised in partnership with
Garvagh Museum & Heritage Centre, Garvagh Development Trust
and Eireway Ltd

The Norwegian musicians Tone Hulbękmo and Hans Fredrik Jacobsen were sponsored by Music Norway

Norish Fest General Supporters

CRADLE - Charity number CHY 10807 (Ireland)

Cradle is a Non-Governmental Organisation working with children and community development projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Thailand, Moldova, Haiti and Cambodia. It is a registered charity, charity number CHY 10807 (Ireland).

Eireway Ltd (UK & Norway)
Norwegian Irish Business Council, Dublin, Ireland
The Royal Norwegian Embassy Ireland

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