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Published Thursday, March 05, 2015 @ 07:34 PM CET

Become a Norish Fest SponsorBecome a Norish Fest Sponsor!

The Norish Fest Project started off as a private initiative in 2010. After the Norish Fest 2011 Event in South West Kerry in October 2011, the interest for the project’s activities has grown. The 2013 Events were made possible through support from partners like Cradle, Norwegian Irish Business Council and official bodies as Dublin City Council and The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dublin. And we certainly considers our artists as our partners as well! They are funding their own expenses and receive limited support through external funding.

It’s no secret that our project is running on a low budget. To be able to continue our work we are depending on support from both private sponsors and official funding.

There are different ways to support us. You can help us to organise our events through practical work. If you are representing a company you may purchase one of our Sponsor Ads (priced from €50 to €500) or Sponsor Packs (priced from €1,000 to €2,500).

A Sponsor Ad will be placed on our website and also shown on our Facebook page. A Sponsor Pack is similar to the Sponsor Ad, but it also gives you the right to be promoted as one of our main sponsors on our website, Facebook page, on posters, folder, flyers and so on.

Which ever way you choose to support us, we want to hear from you!

Sponsoring Norish Fest
Sponsor Ad & Sponsorship

When you make a purchase you can pay either through PayPal or with a major credit card. All purchases is handled through Eireway Ltd (Norway).

After your purchase, please contact us by using our contact form and send us your contact information to ensure that we are able to get hold of you. We will then contact you in order to communicate whatever necessary to get your ad or sponsorship in action!

Norish Fest General Supporters

CRADLE - Charity number CHY 10807 (Ireland)

Cradle is a Non-Governmental Organisation working with children and community development projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Thailand, Moldova, Haiti and Cambodia. It is a registered charity, charity number CHY 10807 (Ireland).

Eireway Ltd (UK & Norway)
Norwegian Irish Business Council, Dublin, Ireland
The Royal Norwegian Embassy Ireland

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